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For the Love of God Pay Attention to Your Spiritual Being

8 Ways to Improve Your Spiritual Wellness

March is Spiritual Wellness Month. It’s a great time to remember we are not just a physical body. Each of us also has an inner life consisting of our mind and spirit.

It is said that the healthiest among us understand this important link between the mind and body. These people practice spiritual wellness daily as they work to relate to the world around them and discover purpose and meaning in their life. They are clear about the values, ethics and morals guiding their life and giving meaning and direction to it.

Photo Credit: Linda Leier Thomason

What is Spirituality?

Many associate spirituality with religious beliefs. But some people are spiritual without being religious. How? Well, every person has their own spiritual preferences. Some pray in a traditional way or take prayer walks or do prayer dances. Others meditate and reflect, or use crystal healing.

Whatever way you choose to define and practice spirituality, the common denominator is recognition of something greater than us that connects each of us to something good. This something greater is often referred to as a “higher power” or “superior being.”

There is no “one size fits all” way to nurture your spiritual well-being. Find a way that works best for you. And, if Craft LifeStyle Management can guide your journey, please contact us. Contact – Craft Lifestyle Management (

8 Spiritual Wellness Activities

  • Get outdoors. Connecting with nature in whatever way you enjoy (walking, biking, canoeing, rock climbing, etc.) improves spiritual health. Try to spend time outside daily.
  • Volunteer. In addition to helping others, volunteering provides a feeling of accomplishment. Find a cause you care about: Mentorship, Food Bank, Pet Shelter, Highway Litter Clean-Up, Refugees, etc. There’s a bonus: You can meet others who share your interests.
  • Write in a Journal Start recording your life events and feelings. Jot what you’re grateful for daily. Write down your dreams, fears and anxieties. Release them. A side-benefit of this-you’re bound to become more self-aware.
  • Turn Off Electronics. Be present. Turn off the TV, computer and telephone. Focus on yourself, your friends, family and partner. Make time for relaxing in your day.
  • Pause Social Media. It’s great to stay updated on family and friends lives but not if it creates feelings of jealousy, anger, resentment or sadness. Take a vacation from it and learn to appreciate your life rather than compare your life to others.
  • Go on a Retreat. Take some time away from your normal routine and find a place where you will feel at peace. Some churches offer retreat centers, but this could also be the beach, mountains, a state park, or a hotel. Use this time to look within and create, or update, a vision and purpose for your life. Sort of like one does in the workplace.
  • Think Positively & Live in Harmony. Keep a positive, upbeat attitude. Be hopeful and committed to your beliefs and principles. Decide to live each day in harmony. Align your vision, purpose and guiding principles in every area of your life including social, career or business.
  • Look for Deeper Meanings. Connect with Like-Minded People.Perhaps this is in a religious community or civic organization. Find those who share your ideas and thoughts. This connection can be online, in person or over the phone. Engage in fellowship and meaningful conversations and connections.

Benefits of Spiritual Wellness

  • Mental clarity
  • Reduced stress and ability to deal with stress
  • Inner peace and balance (Serenity and Contentment)
  • Alignment between your values and the way you live your life
  • Sense of calmness, especially during times of change and challenge
  • Easier to make decisions and choices
  • More empathetic and meaningful relationships

Risk of Not Searching for Meaning & Purpose

Use this month dedicated to Spiritual Wellness to examine your systems of faith, beliefs, values, ethics, principles and morals.

It all sounds sort of deep. However, the downside of not pausing and doing this self-reflection is going through life repeating the same tasks, activities and interactions without understanding the purpose and meaning of your life.

How will you celebrate Spiritual Wellness Month?

Do something fun that makes you feel connected to your life’s purpose.

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