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Founded in November 2017 by Denise Craft, Founder & President of Craft Lifestyle Management.

Sudelu is a Nebraska 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Denise started Sudelu to care for aging orphans she frequently encounters in her work with Craft Lifestyle Management-a company that assists families in need through transitions.


  • Denise Craft, President
  • Lucas Craft, Vice President
  • Kelly Murdock, Secretary
  • Kelly Murdock and Lucas Craft, Co-Treasure

Mission: Dignity of humankind, earth and animals

Vision:  A neighborhood located in eastern Nebraska carrying out our mission with peace, balance and empowerment.

We Care for & Serve Aging Orphans

  • Elderly with no family caregivers
  • Special Needs Adults with no family caregivers

The Plan

Sudelu will purchase a plot of land. Craft Homes will design and build assisted living housing for aging orphans-those with no family caregivers who are elderly or special needs aging adults with high ability activities of daily living (ADLs).

The property will also contain a pet shelter, garden and a community center, which eventually will be available for rent to the surrounding area for special events.


If you, your church or organization would like to help support this cause for our aging orphans, please contact us.